Data processing policy

Version 1.0, 04/06/2021

Health for Future Belgium collects, stores and retains certain personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with an ethical approach to data processing.

This data processing policy statement applies to all personal data collected by Health for Future Belgium.

Data processing and purposes

1) Some personal data are processed in order to comply with the law. This is the case for personal data of the members of the association who have to appear in the registry of members.

2) Some personal data are processed in the context of a contract between the concerned and Health for Future Belgium. This is the case for personal data of those who use the services of Health for Future Belgium.

3) Some personal data of members of Health for Future Belgium are processed in order to get to know and communicate with the members. This information is provided by members on an optional basis.

4) Some personal data of persons external to Health for Future Belgium are processed in order to send them regular information ("newsletters"). This is their e-mail address.

5) Cookies: our website collects only one type of cookie, when a member administrator of the website is logged in. This cookie is used to keep the administrator logged into the account. It is therefore a functional cookie that is essential for the administration of the website. No other cookies are used on our website.

Personal data is not shared with "legal or natural" personalities outside of Health for Future Belgium, unless the person concerned has given his/her explicit consent.


Explicit consent is requested for all data processed at the time of collection, so that collection cannot take place without the consent of the concerned person for the specific purpose for which it is requested.

For example, an e-mail address collected for a contract between Health for Future Belgium and the data subject cannot be used for sending a newsletter. The latter requires explicit consent for that specific purpose.

Any person may request access, correction, modification and deletion of his/her personal data in the databases of Health for Future Belgium by contacting Any questions, remarks or complaints can also be addressed to the same e-mail address. Complaints can also be addressed to the Data Protection Authority:

It should be noted that for the purposes "1)" and "2)" above, explicit consent is not legally required. However, Health for Future Belgium wants to allow maximum freedom for everyone in the collection, processing and storage of their personal data. We therefore point out that refusal to collect data for these purposes, or a request for deletion of data collected for these purposes, may result in withdrawal of membership (purpose 1) or in breach of contract on the part of the person concerned (purpose 2).

Storage and protection

The data processed by Health for Future Belgium is stored online and protected via the services. It may be stored temporarily on the private computers of Healthforfuture administrators and managers for the purpose of processing.

They are currently accessible to the initial (temporary, during launch of the movement) administrators and collaborators, then by those chosen by the assembly of members (once the latter has been established) of Health for Future Belgium, who have been made aware of and trained in the respect of the present data processing policy.

Evolution of this statement

This data processing policy statement may be subject to change.

In that case, all persons whose data are processed by Health for Future Belgium will be informed by e-mail, via the e-mail addresses that have been provided by the persons concerned. An understandable explanation will be provided for each change.