What we aim for

We depend on the ecosystems we are part of and which sustain our existence. They are essential to our physical, emotional and social health.
The ecological and climate crisis have been documented with overwhelming scientific evidence. We are overstepping safe limits for human existence. Indeed, currently, ecosystem breakdown and climate disruption have become the single biggest threat to human health of the 21st century

Direct threats include food shortages, air pollution, increased spread of infectious diseases, heat and extreme weather events. The COVID-19 pandemic is a striking example of this interdependence with nature. Indirect impacts are equally important: violent conflicts, poverty, increased inequality in the social determinants of health, climate migration, mental health problems. The impacts are usually strongest on the vulnerable.

Actions that preserve planetary health have multiple benefits for our own health and well-being. A lighter footprint and a better life can go hand in hand!

What can we do ?

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of climate mitigation and sustainable transition within the health sector: advocate for urgent and concrete actions towards a carbon neutral and efficient health system (policy makers, health service institutions like hospitals...)

  • Integrate concrete actions for planetary health into daily medical practice and patient education

  • Promote planetary health education (under-graduate and post-graduate)

  • Build a network to join forces and resources for the necessary transitions

Join our efforts for a transition to a more resilient society and healthcare!